Temperature/ Thermocouple Probes
Aspirated Probes

United Sensor features a unique line of Aspirated Temperature Probes for high velocity and/ or high temperature use.  The probes are designed for use with an aspirating pump and metering orifice to draw measured fluid past the hot junction at a desired velocity (see figure below).


For Zones 1, 2, and 3; can also be used in Zones 4, 5, and 6; maximum 2000°F. Requires aspiration.  Inconel covered thermocouple is removable.  External shield has an open tip.

Standard diameter: 1/4"


For Zones 1, 2, and 3 primarily; can also be used in 4, 5, and 6 where space is limited. Requires aspiration.  Also useful for measuring fuel-vapor mixture temperature. By pointing entrance downstream and upward, the flow reversal and aspirator drain off liquid fuel thrown onto shields and thermocouple reads true gas temperature.  Nichrome shielded thermocouple element for use in all velocities and temperatures below 500°F.  External shield has an open tip.

Standard diameter: 1/4"


Most versatile and accurate probes for all velocities and temperatures up to 2000°F.  Requires bleed line for aspirating gas and source of suction if rig pressure is less than 2" Hg. above atmospheric. Thermocouple element removable for calibration.  Completely pressure tight assembly.  Suitable for measuring reference temperatures.  Radiation multi-shielded sensing head, aspirated, with removable thermocouple element, when requested, for use in all velocities.

Standard diameter: 1"

Ordering Information

Typical Example: TLI-8-K-36-F

TLI:            Type TLI
8:                a = 8" - Probe length
K:               Type of thermocouple wire:
                   K = Chromel - Alumel Thermocouple
                   J = Iron - Constantan
                   T = Copper - Constantan
                   E = Chromel - Constantan

36:              g = 36" - Lead wire length.  Plugs or Jack terminations are available.
F:               d = 1/4" - Probe diameter

Calibration Services

United Sensor Corporation has two wind tunnels available for which to perform probe calibrations. More…

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